Fab 5 Friday…

Ooh…lookie here! I’m actually doing a Fab 5! MIRACLE!! Of course, I’m doing one this week and then the Fab 5 will disappear for two weeks as we have February break and we’re heading to ‘Murica to find ourselves a house and a school!! But, let’s get after today’s Fab 5…

Caleb and Basketball. Caleb was chosen to travel again with ASW for basketball this year! Woohoo! So we spent last weekend in Wrocław watching him play – which was fun! And the first weekend of March he will head to Moscow to play in CEESA. This weekend Wrocław is coming here to play – and we’re seeking a little revenge as we won one and lost one last weekend!

2. Trips Booked. I’ve been working on booking our remaining trips here…which has been fun! For Easter we will do a mini Tour de Poland and see some sights that we haven’t seen before. For the break at the end of April, we will head to southern Portugal – ’cause Momma needs SUN. We found a super nice apartment to rent – which includes a private hot tub on the roof. Yes, you’ll know where to find me! Plus, there’s a ton of golfing – so we can go golf our little hearts out!

3. House Hunters International. If you’d like to get a glimpse of where we live…there was an episode of House Hunters International recently that took place in Konstancin, Poland. This is the suburb of Warsaw that we live in…although, we in no way, shape or form live in as nice a house as they were searching for! Whoa! I can’t even imagine spending the money they were spending! Anyways…you should be able to stream it online or via the HGTV app if you want a glimpse!

4. PTO Night. We had our PTO Adults Only Night out two weekends ago…lots of fun! We grabbed dinner with the Graebers beforehand and then went for the trivia portion of the night. Had fun talking to some folks and then called it a night!

5. Pokeno. We had Pokeno this week! Love hanging out with these ladies…they make my heart happy!!

Lots of winners Wednesday night – including Liz!!!

And that’s five for this week! Blaine is heading to the US on Monday to meet with some of his new sales staff and the kids and I will fly out Friday morning. As I said last week, I think the kids are more excited to go and shop and eat…while I’m anxious to find a house and know where we’re going to live! Oh, and figure out where I’m getting my daily caffeine fix from! You know…the important things!


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