Fab 5 Friday…

Susie Slacker here…attempting to bring you a Fab 5 Friday. I say attempting as my desire to blog has been on the decline lately. Could just be the winter blues – who knows! But, I’m not going to force myself to blog. Today there is coffee involved – so that is helping!

Okay…but, I do actually have a Fab 5 today – since my last blog was before Christmas. So, here it is!

  1. Early Christmas. Since we would not be home for Christmas, we celebrated the Friday before we left. I have to say, it was nice to see our kids genuinely surprised, excited and thankful for the Christmas gifts they received. We gave them Nintendo’s newest gaming device…the Switch. Both kids had been dutifully saving their money so they could buy them this summer, but thanks to our favorite “mule” – Nick – we had them brought from the States for a Christmas surprise.

2. Crete. We spent Christmas in Crete this year. What a relaxing holiday it was! Lots of sleeping in, tons of sunshine, a little golf,  sightseeing, time by the pool, some yummy dinners…it was fantastic! Traffic is crazy on the island…and I can only imagine what it is like in the summer when you have thousands of tourists invading! But, definitely a great destination!

Christmas Eve Dinner at 50-50

Views in Chania
Christmas Day lunch outside in Chania

Hanging by the pool
The scariest escape room EVAH!
Yummy Italian!
Exploring Heraklion
Palace of Knossos

Dinner outside…

Golf at the Crete Country Club…Not another soul to be seen.

Exploring the Crete Natural History Museum…which had a bit of everything! Really cool for a small museum!

He’s definitely a hooligan…

3. Lunch with Jennifer. Jennifer came for a quick visit right after the New Year and it was great to see her!

4. Goodbye for Tiffany. So…Tiffany is Hong Kong bound! Wah!! She will be missed…coffee and Pokeno will not be the same!! But, some lucky women in Hong Kong are going to make a great new friend and Tiffany is going to have some amazing Asia adventures!

5. Afra and Fraktura. Two more Etsy reviews for you! I ordered sweaters from a woman in Turkey who runs the Etsy shop, Afra. While I LOVE the sweaters, the shipping was ridiculous as she charged an extraordinary amount of money and then shipped them regular post – which took three weeks to arrive. Fraktura is another Bulgarian designer and she got a little bit behind with Christmas orders, but at least had emailed me to tell me so. That order arrived this week – and I love her stuff! But, my winter shopping needs to stop and I will now wait until spring to pickup some new spring/summer things!

And there you have it! Have a great weekend!!