Fab 5 Friday…

So what’s happening, peeps?! Not a heckuva lot here…just getting ready to blow this popsicle stand tomorrow! Woohoo!!! I’m so ready to see some sunshine!!! And some warmer temps! Starting Monday we should have some sunshine in Crete with temperatures in the mid 60’s! I’ll take it!! And since we’re leaving tomorrow – we shall celebrate Christmas tonight – which means pizza and the opening of a few presents!! Since the boys are older, there’s really not too many presents, but I think we’ll be very popular parents this year!!

All right…let’s get to the Fab 5 so I can go pack and then help the boys pack!

  1. Grayson’s Report Card. Okay…so I will admit that I was really worried about this kiddo and how he would transition to middle school and the increased work load and MYP and the whole shebang! But, this kid is rocking it!! I mean…really knocking it out!! And, well, the other child…let’s just say there is room for improvement. Lots of room for improvement!

2. Prague. We spent last weekend in Prague and it was fantastic! What a gorgeous city! We stayed at the Palac U Kocku – which was a great location and our room was really spacious! We bopped from Christmas market to Christmas market, took in a concert, drank lots of coffee and beer, slept in late, and enjoyed great food. (If you are ever going to Prague – try The Street Restaurant & Bar! Absolutely the BEST burgers we’ve had since coming to Europe! It was one of those places that you contemplated going back to for a second meal – it was just that good! Our hotel also had a good restaurant, The Fat Cat, but The Street blows The Fat Cat away. (Although The Fat Cat has a better beer selection!)

Yummy food from The Street!
Street food and pretty views
Beers from The Fat Cat Cafe (this cafe was attached to our hotel)
Gorgeous concert hall and talented musicians

My knights

3. Glow Beauty. I must give a big shoutout to Dominica at Glow Beauty.¬†She runs this mobile beauty salon doing manis, pedis, and eyelashes and she came to my house on Tuesday! It was fantastic and she’s a delight. She lived in London for many years (and speaks wonderful English) before moving back to Warsaw and does this part-time (while also designing handbags and raising two small boys). I had her give me eyelash extensions and a mani/pedi – and I will be calling her again!

4. Adeppt & SSDFashion. Another Etsy review for you! Some new things arrived yesterday! Adeppt is a new shop for me! Love the dress and shirt I bought from this designer!!! And SSDFashion is in the regular rotation! I ordered another sweater – in red! A winter coat and a oversized sweatshirt! Love everything!

5. Baby Elsie. Caleb, Grayson and I spent some time visiting the Joehls on Thursday afternoon so we could see Elsie and bring the entire family some dinner and the kids a couple of gifts we picked up in Prague. It was adorable to see the boys holding a baby – even though Grayson told me he wasn’t going to do it because he was scared!!

And that’s all she wrote! The blog will be off next week as we will be traveling and I’m not bringing my laptop!

We wish everyone a fabulous holiday!! Merry Christmas!!!