Fab 5 Friday…

Do you know what today is? It’s the last day of school before Christmas break! Woot! Woot! Let’s give it up for Christmas break! I’m excited! And the boys are excited! Of course, report cards are issued this afternoon – so there may be a dimming of the excitement level. We shall see! Whatever the case, it’s three weeks with no homework…and for that I am grateful.

I did actually remember to take a few notes for the Fab 5,  but I notice that I don’t quite have five. I will rack my brain and see if I can come up with five for you!

  1. Grayson’s Open Lab. Grayson had his big dry ice lab last Friday and the parents are always invited to this one. Now, I really think labs in the sixth grade are very similar to herding cats. You have a bunch of kids running around in a million different directions (especially this time as they had designed their own labs). They all need different supplies and they have a ton of questions for their teacher…and then add some parents into the mix. Whoa! But, it was fun to help him with his lab…and his buddy, Quinten. I was the official timer. A very prestigious role and I was instructed to be very exact with my timing. Not sure that happened, but I don’t think their labs will be any worse off for it.

2. Basketball Season. Saturday officially kicked off basketball season as Caleb’s team played one of the local Polish 14U teams. They lost both games, but were definitely improved in the second game. It’s a rebuilding year for sure! When two of last year’s starters (they are current 9th graders) go on to make the varsity team this year…well, you know where a big chunk of our talent was. But, I do believe that if they can start listening to one another…they can definitely pull out some wins this season. And of course, we will wait to see if Caleb is traveling with the team this year. This is always the big question – who gets to travel. If he’s chosen, he’s off to Moscow for the big CEESA tournament. He thinks we should know fairly soon as it will take a while to process visas. Keep your fingers crossed!

3. Wilanów Palace Lights. Sunday night we went to see the lights at Wilanów Palace with Nick. They are always so beautiful and I drag my family once per year…even the boys. (They actually don’t seem to mind…or, at least they don’t say too much.)

They look drunk! (They’re not, but they look it!)

4. Baby Elsie. Liz, and Tiffany and I got to visit Susan, Andy and Baby Elsie at the hospital yesterday! I forgot to take pictures, but just trust me when I say she’s so cute!!! So fun to hold a little one again!

Okay…I came up with 4 – so that’s all you’re getting this week! We are off to Prague for a long weekend this evening! Bring on some more Christmas markets!!

Until next week…make it a good one!