Fab 5 Friday…

Okay…I’m not sure which I’m happier about – the fact that it’s Friday or the fact that we have only one more week of school until Christmas break. It’s probably a combination of the two! Although, three weeks of not having to ride my children about their homework sounds glorious right now! Yeah…it’s definitely the fact that we only have a week left of school.

Hmmm…it looks as if I didn’t take any notes this week for my Fab 5 – so I’ll have to wing it! So here we go!

  1. Tito’s. Yes, vodka from Texas is getting a special shoutout this week! I know, I know…we live in the land of vodka, but we ‘re still happy to get our hands on this yummy stuff from the States. It makes the gray days and early nights a little tastier!

2. Gnome Explosion. We have added to our Christmas decor this year with…Gnomes. They are cute and adorable and we love picking them up when we see them! (My mom even picked one up in the States for us that will be waiting for us when we return!) The boys like them, too and when we came home with a whole slew of them last weekend I believe I even saw Grayson give the big one a hug!

3. Design Home. I’m addicted to this stupid little app/game. In fact, I spend way too much time waiting for the next design challenge to be posted! But, if you want to be a virtual interior designer…this is a fun, stupid little app for you!

4. Pokeno. We had Pokeno Wednesday night. Our last one before the holiday break…and while we were a small group due to illness and Christmas parties and other things, we had a lot of fun! These women are fabulous and, along with the Tito’s, make the gray days here in Poland much better. (I even won another gnome!!)

5. VisibleArt. Here’s another Etsy review for you! I received three items from VisibleArt this week – and love them all! They are comfy and warm and I love that they are not from a standard mall store! And you have something handmade and unique.

I have one more Etsy order for hand knit sweaters that I’m waiting on…hopefully, it will ship soon!

Okay…I’m off to help in the PTO store for the holiday bazaar and attend Grayson’s open lab today for science! I heard something about dry ice and exploding gum canisters! Tomorrow we officially kick off basketball season with Caleb as he has two games in the afternoon! It just won’t be the same without Pietro and Michael and Kris cheering this year!

Have a great weekend!