And once again…

It’s school picture time. Here are the pictures of my two monkeys:

Caleb – Fall 2017
Grayson – Fall 2017

Not bad, right? I mean these are typical school pictures…you don’t expect too much from them. I don’t think school pictures have changed all that much from when I had them done at their age.

But, once again at ASW, School Picture Pandemonium has broke out. Several parents are upset about the picture quality, saying that the pictures are horrible.

You know what…they’re SCHOOL PICTURES! Who really cares? Year after year, I place the new picture over the old one and I move on. (And that’s not even true in recent years. The photo packages get thrown in a drawer.) I don’t even buy the class photos because…guess what? The kids your child wants to remember and stay friends with…he/she will do that. He’s not going to spend hours pouring over old class photos reliving “the good, ol’ days of elementary school.”

If you want nice photos of your child…hire a professional photographer to take them. You will cherish those photos so much more than a school photo. Trust me. Those are the photos I have proudly displayed in my home. Not school photos.

And, to be 100% honest…there are bigger issues to worry about at school when it comes to your kids. Let’s be concerned with differentiated learning, how the implementation of PYP/MYP is going, the quality of teacher instruction, and making sure our students have the best technology available to them…just to name a few.

Not the quality of school photos.

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  1. Jennifer

    Great school photos! Like you said they are school photos. I always saw school photos as a way to help track my child’s growth. These are truly first world problems. Who has time to criticize the photos? If you don’t want the photos don’t buy them. If you want professional photos go to a professional photographer. Some parents truly don’t know how good they have it at ASW. If a professional photographer came in with lots of different backgrounds to choose from and different lighting settings to change it for each and every person, the price would go up and then parents would complain about how expensive they were. Doesnt seem like there is a win-win.

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