Fab 5 Friday…

Greetings and salutations from a snowy Warsaw! We received our first real snow yesterday and it looks like it’s going to continue to spit snow this morning. It’s heavy and wet and the kids in the ‘hood have been building snowmen and sledding down the small hill…so at least some folks enjoy it! Me…I could do without it!

But, you’re not here to listen to me complain about the snow and cold…you’re here for a Fab 5! So let’s get after it as I feel the need for a Starbucks run when I’m finished!

  1. Middle School Dance. Both boys had their first middle school dance a few weeks ago. While neither of them would provide much information when asked questions such as “Who did you dance with?” or “Did anyone ask you to dance?” – it seems like they had a good time hanging out with friends.
The only pic I could quickly snap of them before the dance!
Grayson with all of his buddies before the dance…

2. Thanksgiving. We once again had the pleasure of spending Thanksgiving with the Joehls and Pellicciottis as Susan and Andy hosted again this year. So much fun having a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with our friends…and eating and drinking way too much!

Selfie time!
Bill and Blaine…what can I say?
Good friends…
Yummy, delicious food!

3. Budapest. We spent last Friday – Sunday in Budapest – and LOVED it! What a great city! We stayed in a very cute, modern hotel in near the Astoria metro stop – which made getting around the city a breeze. We had fun exploring the Chirstmas markets – which while small – had a great selection of handmade and unique things. We ate, drank, and shopped until we could do no more. Met a friend for drinks Saturday afternoon. Took an evening cocktail cruise on the Danube (with a bunch of very drunk Brits). Enjoyed lunch at the Hard Rock (kids’ choice) and had a great Mexican meal, too! And to make it even better, the temperatures were rather mild and we enjoyed all of this while walking around in just sweaters and sweatshirts! Bonus! It was great! And, as Grayson said, “Let’s do this all again in a few weeks when we head to Prague!”

Hanging out in the Christmas markets…

Christmas markets…

More pics from our cruise…
Scenes from the cruise
Chimney cakes and langos
Fashion Street

We rode the Budapest Eye!
St. Stephen’s Basilica has a fantastic Christmas light show at night!
Those potato pancakes with leeks and pork were AMAZING!! And, Caleb thoroughly enjoyed his corn dog!

4. Etsy. Okay…I’ve been doing a TON of shopping on Etsy! And, I’m loving everything so far! This week…a shoutout to a few of my favorites!

First…Zojanka. I adore her scarves…I ordered one as a gift and then ordered two for myself. They are soft and warm and the little leather buckle that she adds on just adds a little something!

7SheepArt is great, too! She makes these scarves that are almost like jewelry as they contain some really cool additions to them – like the one above (which is mine!). I also bought one of these for a present, too! Her stuff is extremely unique!

And finally, SSD Fashion. She has a great selection of handmade clothing in all sizes! I’ve purchased some great shirts and sweaters from her and her service has been impeccable! I’m in love with this black maxi shirt I just ordered from her – which necessitated ordering it in white and pink, also!

I should have reviews on a couple of other places soon as I’ve ordered sweaters from two other different Etsy shops and I’m anxiously awaiting their arrival! Also, keep in mind that most of these Etsy shops ship world-wide…you just might have to wait a bit longer for your stuff depending on where you live!

5. The Coffee Group. I just wanted to give a big shoutout to my coffee group – who truly keeps me sane! I love when we get together on Tuesday mornings…as it really is a few hours of therapy!

And there you have it!! You are pretty much caught up on the big things! Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!