Fab 5 Friday…

Okay…finally going to get a Fab 5 Friday in! (And then I’m going to take next Friday off because…you know, Budapest! Need to get my Christmas on!)

It’s a rare sunny day here in Poland…so I’m sitting at a window in Starbucks and enjoying the sunlight – because 3:30 p.m. will be here soon enough and then it will be dark outside. Ugh! Thank God for Christmas trees with white lights and fireplaces that help to make the evenings better!

Hmmm…so what’s been going on? Let me see!

  1. Caleb’s Birthday. We officially have a teenager. Caleb turned 13 a few weeks ago. He celebrated by having four of his friends sleepover…which makes for an easy birthday celebration. Import some Pizza Hut, buy multiple liters of soda, lots of bags of chips, and bake 3 dozen cookies and you’re good to go – as long as the PS4 is up and running! He has nice friends…and for that we are thankful.
This kid!

2. Christmas Decorations. Yup, they’re up! And they make me happy. And when it gets dark at 3:30 p.m. you need something to make you happy. So for everyone who says, “WHAT!!??! Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving?!” Yeah…I don’t really give a damn. Falalalalala!

3. Saturday Night Football. I am loving Saturday nights and college football lately. Thank goodness for the VPN! And we’ve loved having friends over to watch with us! Nick joined us this past Saturday night – which included lasagna and a bottle of Tito’s!!

Saturday night on Big Red! (That’s our couch!)

4. Concert. The boys had their choir concert this past week – and they both did a great job. They love Ms. B and are so happy to have choir this year. And the school livestreamed the concert – so my parents were able to watch it back in the States – they could even see Grayson’s little descant with Reign!

5. Soup for 50. On Monday I had the pleasure of making soup for 50 homeless people here in Konstancin. The Warsaw Volunteer Mission has started a Monday soup lunch for the homeless in Konstancin (which is where we live) and a friend from school, Christine, is helping to organize it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go serve the soup that day (as this was the 3rd trip in 5 days to the dentist for my kids!), but I hope to do it again in future weeks. Christine said they had a large turnout on Monday and lots of grateful folks enjoyed a warm bowl of soup. If anyone would like to get involved with this (and there are several ways to help out) – send me a message and I’ll share the link to sign up or get you in touch with Christine so you can learn more!

6. Pokeno. We had November Pokeno this week – which was a belated birthday celebration for Chrissie! Kristy baked a beautiful cake for the occasion and it was a night full of laughs (which never changes!).

7. Sprinkle. And last, but not least, we had a “sprinkle” for Susan this week to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Baby Girl Joehl. While many of our group are out of the baby phase of our lives, we can’t wait to grab some baby time with this little one! I think friends with babies are the best – you can hold them and take in that new baby smell – but no sleepless nights!

Okay…my coffee is empty and it’s time to run some errands! Blog will return after our long weekend in Budapest! Enjoy the weekend!