Fab 5 Friday…Trip Recap

Okay…today’s Fab 5 is essentially a recap of our vacation last week…mostly in picture form! Let’s just say that while the cruise itself was average (in food, activities, staff, etc.) – we had a great time with the Green, Bata, and Graeber families. I think the kids had fun hanging out and doing their thing…and the parents had fun meeting for drinks and sharing lots of laughs!

This first set of pictures were taken in Venice and Dubrovnik. Venice is where our cruise departed from so we used the day to explore. Dubrovnik was our first stop and we had fun doing this awesome buggy tour! (Very muddy, but the boys loved it!)

Venice and Dubrovnik Pictures (CLICK)

The next group of pictures were from Kotor, Olympia, Athens and our day at sea. We actually didn’t get off in Kotor as we visited there last year. We had a tour booked in Olympia with a great guide who showed us the historic ruins of the home of the very first Olympics. It was a great tour and we enjoyed lunch outside with yummy Greek food. We also stayed on the boat in Athens as we’ve visited here before and it sounds like it was a good thing that we did as their was a public transportation strike that day – causing major traffic problems!

Kotor, Olympia, Athens and Day at Sea Pictures (CLICK)

Our final stop was in Split and we did a quick tour of the town before returning to enjoy some sunshine – and then celebrate Chrissie’s birthday!

Split and Birthday Celebration Pictures (CLICK)

We did manage to get a little bit of a tan – although it wasn’t super warm. I will say the weather turned out better than I expected it to be – as I was thinking we’d have more rain – so that’s a good thing. (‘Cause a tan is almost impossible to come by for the next 6 months here in Poland!)

And there you have it!! A very quick recap of fall break! Next we’ve got the Christmas markets in Budapest coming up! Can’t wait to get my Christmas on!!