Fab 5 Friday…

Just time enough to squeak out a quick one! And it will be quick! There are suitcases to pack and passports to find as we start a week of vacation tomorrow!

  1. Beckett’s Birthday. We were invited to Beckett’s 5th birthday celebration last Friday night. And, while Blaine was at a conference/meeting in Italy, I did manage to get the boys to come with! You know…because my big boys were not going to pass up pizza and the possibility to swing at a piƱata – even if they are 11 and almost 13 years old! Plus. they both have a special little place in their hearts for Beckett!

2. Wings with Thomas. Thomas was in Poland this week and we were able to meet up for dinner! We’re so fancy as we took him to Boys Meat Girls for their new “Wing Night.” I have to say…the wings were fab – lots of flavors – and we’ll be back! We’ll be smuggling in our own blue cheese dressing, but we’ll be back for sure! And you’ve got to love that the wings here in Poland are sold at prices from the 1980’s in the US!

3. UN Day. The American School of Warsaw celebrated UN Day yesterday. While this is not my favorite day of the year, we had a nice group of people who put in a lot of hard work and our display was very well-received. Lots of compliments from the teachers on the educational aspect of it – which sometimes gets lost in UN Day – and the kids, as always, enjoyed the treats!

4. Pampering. And let’s just give a shoutout this week to manicures, pedicures, and fresh color in the hair! Just in time for #5 in the Fab 5 this week!

5. Vacation. Yup…tomorrow we head to Venice and Sunday we leave on a cruise to Greece, Montenegro and Croatia – with some awesome friends! Looking forward to a week of relaxation!

Okay…that’s it! Blog is on vacation next week! Hope you all have a fabulous week!