Fab 5 Wednesday…

This is the last Fab 5 before summer vacation officially begins! Let’s give it up for surviving another school year! (It was truly touch and go for a while…Just ask my eldest child.) But, it’s done and we can bring on summer – without homework! We’re all ready for a break from homework…you know, ’cause homework sucks.

So…what’s been happening? Well, let’s take a look!

  1. Friday Night Fun at Blue Cactus. Friday night was spent with Nick, Laci and Thomas drinking copious amounts of margaritas and some adorable little guava shots! Just what everyone needed!

2. Coldplay. Sunday night we took the boys to their first rock concert – Coldplay. I wouldn’t say we’re diehard Coldplay fans, but we became bigger fans after this concert! What a show! They truly are a group that sounds just as good in concert as they do on the radio. And the show they put on…It was spectacular!

Bring on Coldplay!
Grayson’s light bracelet – which was synced to various songs throughout the concert!

The video shows how cool the bracelets really were during the concert!

3. Grayson’s Birthday. We celebrated Grayson’s birthday Monday night as a family (plus Nick – who’s honorary family when he’s in Warsaw) with dinner at Blue Cactus. (Yeah…this family never tires of Mexican food.) Unfortunately, shortly after this picture was taken, Grayson started to not feel so well – due to being overtired – so the birthday celebration was cut a little short. Thankfully, he rallied today and made it to his 5th grade promotion.

4. Fifth Grade Promotion. This afternoon was Grayson’s 5th grade promotion ceremony as he will move onto middle school next year. The kids designed their promotion ceremony this year – and it was very relaxed and fun! A few speeches by the kids and then the awarding of certificates and t-shirts – followed by playtime and cake! Perfect!

Grayson receiving his certificate…
Grayson’s 5th grade class

5. Peace Out, Poland. And we’re officially out of here on an 11:35 a.m. flight Thursday morning! Wahoo!!! All I can say is…

Blog will be on hiatus for the rest of the summer! (With the exception of rainy days when I may jump on to bang out a quick post!) Enjoy your summer!