Fab 5 Friday…

Woot! Woot! It’s the final Friday of school! Hallelujah! Kids and parents alike are ecstatic! Or at least I am!

This has not been an easy week for me. I had a mini-meltdown on Wednesday (okay…maybe not so mini). My Poland cup was full…in fact, it was running over. Some issues with my darling kids and things at the house, and well, Wednesday afternoon and evening was a disaster. But, I managed to turn it around by midday Thursday (which was a day off from school) and I believe I can make it these last 6 days.

So what’s been going on? Lots, actually! Thankfully! It’s what keeps time from standing still in the final weeks! So let’s see what we’ve been up to!

  1. Baseball Ends. Saturday was the final day of baseball this year. Blaine has been helping out throughout the season (along with some other great dads) and the rain held off so that the kids could have a scrimmage and some pizza.

My boys love baseball. They never complain about having to go to practice. They have good friends who play on the team with them. It’s fun and relaxed and I’m so happy they still have some place to play American baseball (vs. softball which is played in international schools).

2. See You Again Party for the Sturgeons. Saturday night Chrissie hosted a “see you again” party for the Sturgeons at her place (with help from Kristy). It was a fun night hanging out – with kids running around the backyard and parents relaxing over amazing food and good drinks. And yes, we will see the Sturgeons again as they are only heading to Bratislava. (I laugh how we say “only to Bratislava” – like it’s the next town over, but for ex-pats – this seems relatively close.) Definitely not goodbye!

3. Dinner with Kallals. Sunday evening after the last Give Help, Give Hope concert, we had one last dinner with the Kallals before they say “Peace out, Poland” and head to Washington, DC. We’ve loved hanging out with the Kallals this year! Between vacations spent in the same locales and some fun nights (with and without kids) – we’ve had lots of good times!

Kids engaging in riveting conversation…

4. Grayson’s Spring Choir Concert. Grayson had his final concert of the year on Tuesday morning and even had a small group “solo” – I guess you would call it! I, of course, did not capture that on film – but here’s a snippet of him performing!

5. Caleb’s Theater Performance. Hmmm…not quite sure what to say about this. The kids wrote their own pieces of Flash Fiction and then had to combine their story with another classmate’s story – which was then turned into a play and acted out. Yeah…that created some very disjointed plays. And while the kids seemed to be having fun with it, I was left with a “What the hell did I just watch?” kind of feeling. Blaine said to call it “experimental” theater and just go with it…so that’s what I’m doing.

6. BBQ and Bags. Yesterday was a holiday here in Poland and the weather was picture perfect! So it was time for a BBQ with a couple of Blaine’s colleagues, Nick and Thomas, who were in town for work. Definitely a fun afternoon – with some cornhole (bags) and lots of beer – along with some great grillin’ by Blaine.

And that’s it! Whoops! That’s 6 again! Oh, well! Math was never my favorite subject!

And here’s another important 6:

Yup! Let the packing begin! We’re outta here in 6 days! Can’t wait to be home for 8 weeks! I will try and get out one more blog next week before we head home and then the blog will go on hiatus for the summer (unless I have a rainy day and feel like banging out a quick update!)

Oh! And Happy Father’s Day this weekend to all the great dads – including my husband, Blaine, ¬†and my dad, Alan! Enjoy your special day!