It’s June…

It’s June, but I’m still suffering from Maylaise. Have you heard of it? I hadn’t until a few weeks ago when it showed up in my Facebook feed via one of my favorite blogs – Textpat Wives. Anyways…Those of you living abroad should definitely know about Maylaise – read about it here!

So yeah…big case of it right now. It started a few weeks ago and I don’t see it going away for another couple of weeks. The Polish ex-pat version of Maylaise may be slightly different from the Singaporean version, but really…same-same. (That’s for all of my friends who’ve lived in Asia! The land of “same-same.”)

We have friends leaving. I’m longing to be home at the lake. My kids still have homework and projects and I’m SOOOO over being the homework police! Schedules are crazy! I long for the easiness of summer with the creature comforts that being home offers. I want to see family and friends. And I hate that school is ending a whole week later this year (which I’m reminded of daily when I look at Facebook and last year’s countdown flashes by in various photos).

But, the cure for Maylaise is on the horizon. It’s going to involve hugs from family and friends and lazy afternoons on the lake. And it’s coming…

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