Fab 5 Friday…

It’s back! The Fab 5 is back! My blogging is getting very sporadic as the end of the school year is upon us! Lots of stuff going on at school and the kids are busy and Blaine is traveling. I love it as it makes the time pass so quickly! Right now I love “busy.

And since today is no exception to “busy” – I’m just going to dive in!

  1. Work at the Lake House. I am so happy to report that work on our “alternative septic system” has begun. My dad is chief supervisor and told me that all seems to be going smoothly. My lawn is dug up, but as of right now our rock walls are holding and we’ve got our fingers crossed that they will remain intact. Hopefully, grass will be growing by the time the kids and I arrive in June!

2. Last Pokeno of the School Year. I hosted the last Pokeno of the school year and, as always, it was so much fun! Lots of great conversations and plenty of laughs! We have several people leaving our group this year and moving onto new destinations – WAH! We will miss you, Jennifer and Brooke!

3. Budapest…Not so fast. So, Grayson and I were supposed to head to Budapest last Thursday so we could watch Caleb play softball, but it didn’t happen. I woke up that morning and my back was completely out. COMPLETELY. There was no way I could get on a flight – so Grayson and I stayed home. I want to thank Liz for bringing us dinner and Kristy for bringing us dessert because I was seriously not capable of fixing a meal. Thankfully, I’m on the mend! And, on a positive note, Caleb’s team took 2nd place! Woot! Woot!

4. Susan’s Birthday Celebration. We celebrated Susan’s birthday Tuesday night with a girls’ night at Tapas Gastrobar. What a fun night! Great Spanish beer (Oh, Estrella – I do love you!), some tasty tapas and conversation that went on way past my bedtime! Love the women I spent Tuesday evening with – they make living in Warsaw a lot of fun!

5. Countdown. Yes, 34 days until we head back to the States! LOVE IT! So excited to head home and see family and friends – and relax on the dock with a good book and a cold beer!

And that’s it for this week! As you can guess we have a weekend full of sports. We are currently hosting two high schoolers from Moscow who are here for a softball tournament at school and my boys have basketball, baseball, and soccer matches this weekend! And it looks like all the boys are now awake and ready for breakfast!

Make it a good Friday! Enjoy the weekend!