Spring Break 2017…Part 2

Okay…let’s continue on with our spring break trip!

Day 4 had us touring Rome! This was Blaine’s dream day as he has always wanted to go to Rome…and we loved it! In fact, I can easily see us heading back for a long weekend as one day did not do it justice. But, we had a fantastic driver and guide and we made the most of this day! We booked a tour with Discovery Guided Tours (HIGHLY recommend!) and our driver, Marco, picked us up promptly at 7:30 a.m. and whisked us off to Rome. He took the time to share a few tidbits on our drive and took us to Trevi fountain before meeting up with our guide, Alessandra. Alessandra was AWESOME! She made what could’ve been a totally boring day for the kids – so fun! She kept them engaged, asked them questions, shared funny stories – I can’t speak highly enough about Alessandra! Our day consisted of the Colosseum, the Pantheon, a quick lunch on the street, gelato and Vatican City. I can’t tell you how much we saw and learned in this one day! By the time we returned to the ship we had walked over 18,000 steps and our legs were about ready to fall off!

When we got back to the ship it was time for cocktails, dinner and some evening activities! Tonight Grayson decided to enter the Lip Sync battle when he found out the DJ had his song: PPAP (Pen Pineapple Apple Pen) – don’t ask! It’s the stupidest song, but damn! This kid got up there first and had a lot of fun! Ended up in 2nd place!

Day 5 had us up and heading to Pisa and Florence. This was a little bit more relaxed…which was good. While it covered all of the big things, we were able to enjoy a leisurely lunch and our guide Alessandro did not make us feel rushed. This was another private tour, and while Alessandro’s English wasn’t as good as I had hoped, we learned a ton and he was an enjoyable guide!

Friday was a nice day in Cannes. I loved this day as we slept in and then went and met our friend, Karine, for coffee on the beach. We met Karine in Malaysia and she lives in Antibes now with her family – and it was so fun to catch up for a few hours! Not nearly enough time, but we were so thankful to see her! It also meant seeing the site of the famous Cannes film festival and grabbing some crepes! The afternoon had us basking in the sun, reading books, drinking fruity drinks, and participating in a free throw contest – all before a nice dinner together as a family!

And our final day was in Palma de Majorca. Now, we didn’t dock until 1 p.m. and by then we were all happily ensconced at the pool – so guess what? We didn’t get off the ship! So bad! But, we did have another great experience this morning when we met Marie! A couple of days prior, our mutual friend, Sandra had figured out that we were on the same ship as her friend, Marie. So, of course, we had to meet! Sandra and Brandie (another mutual friend) provided Marie with a description – and she found us on the pool deck! Got to love the small world we live in!

And there you have it! Spring break 2017! Full of fun! And we can’t wait to do it again!

P.S. No Fab 5 this week as we’re off to Budapest to support Caleb and his teammates in the CEESA middle school softball tournament! Go Warriors!